1969 Mint Set

1969 Uncirculated Mint Set

The make up of the 1969 Mint Set (Buy on eBay) was identical to the previous year, including ten individual coins with a collective face value of $1.33. After the high sales for the prior year set, demand cooled somewhat for the second year of offering for the resumed annual uncirculated coin set.

The coins included in each set were struck at one of three different mint facilities, including struck at the Philadelphia Mint (no mint mark), Denver Mint (D mint mark), and San Francisco Mint (S mint mark). The make up of the 1969 Mint Set was 3 Lincoln Cents (P, D, S), 2 Jefferson Nickels (D, S), 2 Roosevelt Dimes (P, D), 2 Washington Quarters (P, D), and 1 Kennedy Half Dollar (D).

The half dollar included in the set was struck in a composition of 40% silver. This issue also represented the final year that halves with silver content would be issued for circulation. In the following year the denomination would include silver, but would not be issued for general circulation.

Sets carried the same $2.50 mint issue price and were packaged in two individual cellophane flat packs. Protected between two sheets of thin cardboard, the packs were placed within a white envelope marked “1969 U.C.” with the Treasury Department mailing address a the top left.

Today, this is one of the more common Mint Sets that can be found with abundance and purchased for less than $5.

1969 Mint Set Information

Mintage: 1,817,392
Coins Per Set: 10
Face Value: $1.33
Original Issue Price: $2.50