1980-1989 Mint Sets

The next decade of mint sets issued from 1980 to 1989 would see some interested developments for the traditional United States Mint product. This included a brief interruption within the run, the issuance of several coins exclusive to the sets, and a redesign of the packaging style. The annual uncirculated mint set continued to be a popular product with collectors, providing access to uncirculated examples of the coinage issued for the year.

The 1981 set was notable for containing what seemed to be the final issues of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar. These coins, struck at Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco, were not issued for circulation but only within the sets. This granted the coins key date status and attaches a premium to the mint sets. Many years later in 1999, the series would see a brief reprise although the coins would not be included within the standard annual mint set.

Federal budget concerns caused the suspension of the issuance of the mint set for 1982 and 1983. The absence of these sets has an impact on the availability of uncirculated examples of the coinage for these years. It also results in a high premium attached to the so-called “souvenir sets” which were issued by the Philadelphia and Denver Mint facilities.

The regular issuance of the product resumed in 1984 with redesigned packaging. Rather than a plain envelope, the two cellophane packs were placed within a colorful or illustrated envelope. The design of this outer envelope would change for each year of issuance, adding some variety to the long running product.

In 1987, the Kennedy Half Dollars were not issued for circulation, but only issued within the Mint Sets. This adds some appeal to this date of the run.

1980-1989 Mint Sets By Year