1989 Mint Set

1989 Uncirculated Mint Set

As customary, the United States Mint issued a set containing each of the years circulating coins for collectors. The 1989 Mint Set (Buy on eBay), was little changed from the previous year in that it contained 10 different coins across five denominations, with a face value of $1.82. The sets were originally sold to collectors at an issue price of $7.00.

1989 Uncirculated Mint Set

The 1989 Mint Set can now commonly be found for less than the issue price. At times, some coins included in the sets may be encountered with proof like surfaces. For strongly proof like coins, the third party grader NGC will designate “PL.”

The circulating coins included in the set are struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Along with the following ten coins, two mint tokens are packaged with the set:

  • 1989 P&D Lincoln Cents
  • 1989 P&D Jefferson Nickels
  • 1989 P&D Roosevelt Dimes
  • 1989 P&D Washington Quarters
  • 1989 P&D Kennedy Half Dollars

Coins are packaged in two separate cellophane packs, with five coins plus one mint token per pack. The Philadelphia Mint coins are contained in one plastic bordered in blue, while the Denver Mint coins are bordered in blue.

Together with a certificate of authenticity, the coins are housed in an illustrated envelope. This year’s design features the five circulating coins and two mint tokens against a white background.

1989 Mint Set Information

Mintage: 1,987,915
Coins Per Set: 10
Face Value: $1.82
Original Issue Price: $7.00